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Tools For Men & Women

These tools will ignite some successful moments between you and your partner.  

Dr. Carol Francis


1. Never assume that you know your romantic partner so well as to be able to think you can anticipate what they mean nor feel what they are going through.  Instead, assume that you need to listen, listen, listen and to the best of your ability empathize with their angst and attempt to understand their points of view.  

2. Your romantic partner is not the individual that you engage in serious or playful debate or condescending attitudes without serious consequences.  Yes, both these reactions will occur.  But you as their romantic partner are in their life to support, buoy, stabilize, inspire, correct respectful, act respectful toward fully and encourage.  There are enough individuals to put-down your partner.  You don't need to be among the rank and file. 

3. All relationships worth having take time, time and time. 

4. These three things, according to Mother Theresa, need to be your human response to others (especially your romantic partner):  First, seek to be kind.  Second, seek to be kind. Third, seek to be kind.

5.  If you've decided to be a partner in a romantic relationship, you have certain "role" expectations which your partner will assume you understand is part of why they sought you out as a romantic partner.  You need to delineated that list of expectations.  Here are common nonverbal "contractual" expectations that many partners assume their romantic mate understand by implications: 1) Sexual and sensual play and activity will be a part of the touch, time and attention given to each other. 2) Respect, honesty, kindness. 3) Mutual attention to the needs for time together to be playful, practical (chores you know), productive and patient. 4) Tolerance for differences. 5) Considerable gifting of the efforts to listen and to care about the interests and worries of the partner. 

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