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We live in an era of financial stress.  Joblessness, on-the-edge family financial concerns, pessimistic out look, loss of investment moneys, and ever increasing cost of living demands, cause stress in marriages and within families.
Such stress is likely to result in the typical poor behaviors:  anger attitudes, fear, insecurity, angry outbursts, angry blaming accusations, over sensitivity to normal statements or spending, accusations of spouses' poor performance at work or over-spending when neither might be true.  
Toward children, parents will often take out their frustrations, their fears and their blame too.  Physical and verbal abuse are two reactions that increase when stress results.   Listen to the Radio Show below to find out about the nature of these problems and their remedies.  
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Talking Points on Radio Program of interest to you might be:
   1) Rise and fall of abuse within the family circle as associated to stress
          Stressors include:  ill-health, joblessness, finances, remodeling, poverty

   2) Tools for managing adult stress so that abuse DOES NOT become the default avenue for expressing frustrations and fears
         a) Stress Management tools  (health dimensions i.e. sleeping, nutrients vs. stress foods, exercise; psychological components -emotional fatigue, worry, fear, helplessness, self hypnotizing statements, breathing, detoxifying practices)
         b) Anger Management tools  (key words:  neurotransmitters and brain science and anger; blame attitudes; masking fear or helplessness)
         c) Problem Solving tools
               (1) teaching spouses as to how to help the other spouse during the actual stressful period of time vs. aggravating the stress
               (2) teaching children how to problem solve, know how to be of help to the circumstances (not responsible for the circumstances) 

   3) Inter-generational component of abuse associated to:
         a) economics * joblessness, alcohol, drugs, gambling, financial concerns
         b) grandparents, culture, job associates
         c) gender related component of stress associated to economics.  
Helpful articles for you to consider:
If you have lost your job, include your family --include your children -- in the discussion of how to best cope with the up-coming difficulties that might follow.  Help your children feel a part of the solution and empower them to help even if you are feeling hopeless and powerless.  Here is another article for you to consider
 Sadly, there are many cases where children and spouses are abuse, killed or neglected due to the lost of moneys in the family.  Often people judge and do not help you when you are down and out.  Yet, be sure to avoid your family if you are feeling such rage or recklessness.  Explain the severity of your fears and anger and explain also that you need to avoid any extra stress during these adjustment times.
Be aware that abuse to children can be caused by daily stressors and govern your stress in a fashion that does not use children as the outlet nor expression of your daily worries.
Poverty is often associated with STRESS!  Children often are the source of such sad outcomes of abuse under stress.  Be as gracious and gentle as possible even though you are worried sick over money and seek the help of as many free resources as you can get, even child care.  You and your child need help when you face poverty.
The chapter by Talitha Johnson is an encouraging story of how one woman resurrected her many children and herself out of living on the street in abject poverty.  She is a brave and sterling role model for all women who need to be great mothers even when poverty is at its worst! 

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