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Good Marriages Ease Physical Pain

If you are a sufferer of physical pain due to Rheumatoid Arthritis and likely any other source of physical pain, you will rate your pain is less if you are happily married.

 As a whole, if a man or woman perceives they are supported, loved, understood and able to laugh throughout life's issues and discomforts, they will be able to endure more pain and still not feel overwhelmed.  If a person is in an unhappy marriage, single and single and unhappy, the pains of life's physical complications will occupy more of your attention.  Likely, depression may enter into the perception of pain too in middle-aged men as single men are more likely to also be fighting off depression.  

Article about PAIN and Marriage Research

 Other research indicates that more women state they are unhappy in marriage and more men state they are happier in their marriages.  Would that also suggest that women would experience more pain because more women are feeling unhappy in their marriages?  Likely so. 

 Remember, perception of happiness or unhappiness is not measured by whether a marriage is good or not but rather by whether the person states that overall they are satisfied in their marriage relationship.


Application:  Remember as a spouse, you are part of their happiness co-efficient.  When your spouse is in pain, be comforting, helpful, not coddling or making them stuck in their pain, but feeling safe in your caring interaction with them.  Most importantly, anyone who is in pain experiences some relief from  laughter, fun conversations or pleasant activities.  These types of moments can distract someone from  their pain. So a spouse can play a part in providing those optimizing distractions that bring a moment of cheer   and relief from pain.  

Once again,


Sharing fun activities and

Engaging in mutually meaningful experiences is

Key to a happy marriage that is relatively pain-free.   




Laughter as Good Medicine for Marriages

Laughter is truly a good medicine.  Laughter is a good marital connecting moment.  Laughter is a good  precursor to sexual intimacy too!   What makes men laugh may not be the same for women but usually there is some common ground--so invest some definite time to goof off, be goofy, and find those movies, YouTubes, jokes and incidents that make you both howl.  Check these sites off:  

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Laughter and pain remedies

Laughter and Medicine