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Your Intimate Relationship Is an Arena for BOTH of you to be SENSUAL, PLEASURED & ENJOYED physically and emotionally.  

Daily Formula for Thriving Sexual-Connection 

by Dr. Carol Francis



Sexuality, Sensuality, Emotional Intimacy--Lusciousness:


Romantic relationships are specifically designed to support the sexuality, sensuality and emotional intimate longings of both individuals. 


Everyone is uniquely designed to give and take within the realm of sexual intimacy.  Everyone’s sexual hungers and comfort dynamically changes from one day to the next, one era of life to the next.  So the dance of sexual satisfaction has mystery and unknowns all along the way. 


Usually, for the feminine person in your relationship, the emotions  fuel the sexual desires to give, yield and engage.  For the masculine person in your relationship, sexual activity creates the internal urge to emotionally connect.  Your romantic partner is likely different from you in whether sex leads to intimacy or intimacy leads to sex and this difference can be confusing. 


The  dance of sexual attraction and hesitation reflects the moments that are rich or weak between the two of you.  Remember however, husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends  who are the source of sexual pleasures need to cultivate sexual pleasures in a manner that addresses the needs, styles and appetite of your sexual partner. 


Pleasing your partner is 90% of the sexual component of this type of a relationship—so listen, study, empathize, notice and learn your partner’s sensual connections.  Share yours as well with the hope of sexual connection-- not sexual pressure-- which leads to sexual dysfunction for both of you.  




PASSIONATE SEX  by Dr. Carol Francis

Sex and sexiness is the core energy, intrigue and activity of romantic relationships.  Friendship is fantastic and can make a romantic relationship even more solid, functional and fun.  Nonetheless, a romantic relationship is focused upon the physical attraction, lure, playfulness, dazzle,  and creation of magic between you and your partner. 

Your job, in a relationship where sex is among the joys and activities, is to be sexy.  

 Face it though, all of us find different qualities, gestures, smells, sounds, settings, physical shapes, movements, touch and shapes sexy.  

You attracted each other likely because you had the qualities the other found alluring.  Build on those qualities.  Maintain and enhance those features of who you are and what you create so that your partner will continue to be able to feel the lusciousness of your sexual presence. 

Keep your sensual awareness and active as well so your partner can enjoy the dance of attracting you too.  Romance is a mutual dance.  Flirting is a fun flurry to focus on each other.  Creating magic and soaking in your partner's sensuality toward you is a daily  "chore" or rather a daily delicious task.  Be purposefully investing your sexual energies into only your partner. 

Remember that sexual energy includes kindness, courtesy, caring, generosity, empathy, humor, sensitivity as well as hungry, sensual, intense groping, abandon of all but orgasmic intensity.   Kisses can be gentle and communicative of loving connection or sizzzzzlingly erotic.  Touch can be sensationally caring or firmly imploring.   

For long term relationships, sex usually becomes predictable and limited to the time between the chores of living.  Try however, to keep creativity, depth of love, considerateness, generosity and sexual hunger and mystery alive.  After all, if that one relationship is the only place where sexuality is funneled, you want to insure that it is a sexy relationship.   Enjoy! 


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