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Press - Release to Help Soldiers and Military Family Members

Help for Soldiers & Families Re-Uniting - Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis

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Torrance, CA (PRWEB) November 05, 2011

"Re-Uniting Soldiers with Families" by Psychologist Dr. Carol Francis walks soldiers and their family members through the steps it may take to reconnect with your loved-one after a families' military member has returned.(Dr. Carol Francis)

Now that your soldier is coming home, families need to prepare the house, children and routines so their soldier can move into the family successfully. FIrst, as described in more detail in "Re-uniting Soldiers with Families," Dr. Carol Francis describes COMMUNICATION with your soldier daily or regularly if possible through all the various social media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, tumbir, Myspace, Linkedin etc) so that your soldier can become immersed in the people, activities and lifestyles which you have created in his/her absence.

Also, family members use as many communication tools to actually begin to bridge the gap of time and distance that may have developed. Can you Skype, use YouTube Videos or Vimeo as a means of animating your messages? Try as much as you can to enliven your presence in their lives. Let them remember family-life and see how it has changed too.

When they return, other communications tools will become crucial. "Re-Uniting Soldiers with Families" lays out many tools that will help you optimize your new life with your soldier at home. You can download this book so you can begin to organize these and other types of tools for successful integration of your soldiers into your families' life. Download from:

Soldiers, you too need to prepare yourself for civilian lifestyle and moving into your families routines. As mentioned above, seek every means to communicate frequently with your family so you keep them up with the changes in your personality, your wants, needs, memories. You can't share everything but you can help them stay connected to the changes in who you are.

Second, Soldiers help your family know what they can do when you return that will help you transition. You will experience a culture shock even as you return home because you have adapted to your military life in a very different culture and now you will experience life at home as somewhat strange until you adapt again to home.

So let your family know easy and fun or important steps they can take to help you come back to your civilian life Be careful to not isolate yourself or withdraw into your inner thoughts or feelings. This will only confuse and worry everyone.

There are many more tools available to you as well and one source of helpful usable tools is in Dr. Carol Francis' book Re-uniting Soldiers with Families which you can download from this link:


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