Relationships Success NOW!

Love for couples includes intimacy, sexual intimacy, communication, conflict resolution, money talks, child-rearing help & satisfaction. Let Dr. Carol Francis help you create the connection you both want.

Marriage Counseling


Dr. Carol Francis has been working with couples for over 30 years. So many different types of counseling helps couples find their commonality, closeness, kindness, passion, fun and compatibility. 


Sometimes, two individuals who lose their love or their loving attitudes richly benefit from a therapist who can do the following:

Help issues that have become huge or unmanageable problems to become resolved or very manageable
Provide safe setting in which to discuss very overwhelming, frightening or powerful decisions or problems. 
Dr. Francis also teaches more effective and usable communication skills helps resolve a huge list of problems in a relationship and renew emotional connection and satisfaction. 
Dr. Francis has a series of communication skills and techniques to assist emotional and physical intimacy.  These include techniques named Mirroring, Reflective Listening, Problem-Solving Tactical Communication, Marital Conflict Resolution, Fury, Rage and Anger Management Communication,  Vulnerability and Trust Communication Skills, Sexual Satisfaction Communication, Stress Reduction & Soothing Communication, Renew Emotional Intimacy Communication, Romancing Your Mate through Communication, Renewing Attraction Commiunication and much more.
When a couple has lost their loving connection and need to find each other once again within their new life, demands, and schedules, Dr. Francis helps couples rediscover and intimately share with their mate.
When a horribly difficult subject must be discussed, Dr. Francis help couples discuss calmly and reasonably issues that otherwise would cause huge arguments, yelling & screaming, hurtful accusations, harmful names, or even physical violence. 
Marriage Counseling addresses many issues.  Common problems couples face include money, communications problems, emotional disconnect, distrust or jealousy, affairs, sexual dissatisfaction, fatigue, parenting discord, disasters that have impacted the marriage and family, boredom, household management or chores issues, entertainment or fun activity differences, alcoholism or addictions, mild or moderate meanness or unkindness, verbal or physical abuse, estrangement, career preoccupation, loss of love.

Once a week for an hour, couples address these concerns and have the remaining portion of the week to implement the skills, exercises and knowledge that is focused upon during the hourly sessions.

Satisfying and loving relationships are successful relationships.  Every person who fell in love and became a part of a coupling would much rather be happy and fulfilled than dissatisfied in their marriage or romantic relationship.   Marriage Counseling can stir both of you to a much better, loving relationship path.  Take advantage of the opportunity to create happiness for you and your romantic, marital, committed partner.