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Love for couples includes intimacy, sexual intimacy, communication, conflict resolution, money talks, child-rearing help & satisfaction. Let Dr. Carol Francis help you create the connection you both want.

Daily Formulas for Love Connections              

Add these practices, attitudes and daily actions to your relationship moments and successful relationships will be your reward!


Daily Formula for Thriving Love-Connection 

by Dr. Carol Francis




The gift you present to your lover, spouse, or partner is how you love yourself and how you love them.  If you have developed the capacity to be kind, empathic, respectful, disciplined, trustworthy, tenacious and motivational toward yourself, you will be equipped to offer such to your partner.   If you are thriving under the good stuff you give to yourself, you will be equipped to offer your partner the same compassion.  If you understand yourself and are patient and dynamic with your life, you will provide your husband, wife, boyfriend, girlfriend with the same worthwhile support. 


Your romantic partner will be understood, supported, encouraged, inspired and loved, because you know how to give the same to yourself.  So ingredient one is self-compassion. You task is to develop, grow and maintain a truly rich and respectful self-compassion that is noble and honorable to your truest self and your highest capacities.   Then offer the same care to your boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife. 


Whole Heartedness:

Giving time, gift giving, heart-felt, personal sharing is the second tool of successful relationships.  Engaging in your life’s goals and tasks with an eager and complete commitment perpetuates enthusiastic success. 


Living life with less than 100% produces very little worth experiencing or sharing.   Inscribed on the  t-shirt under the Dallas Cowboy’s  workout uniform in the 1980’s was a motto worth adopting:  “ALL IT TAKES IS ALL YOU’VE GOT.”  Each day, involve your emotions, mind, spirit and body in your partner’s life and well-being all for the benefit of the relationship—which includes you too.  


Your partner’s whole-heartedness is theirs to give too. 


Yes, the best of romantic relationships have two whole people richly involved in life—both when away from and with each other.  Committed relationships, intimate relationships, healthy relationships, or exclusive relationships grow from the small and big giving of attention, companionship, laughter, support, affection, romance and practical assistance with daily life.





Sexuality, Sensuality, Emotional Intimacy--Lusciousness:

Romantic relationships are specifically designed to support the sexuality, sensuality and emotional intimate longings of both individuals.  Everyone is uniquely designed to give and take within the realm of sexual intimacy.  Everyone’s sexual hungers and comfort dynamically changes from one day to the next, one era of life to the next.  So the dance of sexual satisfaction has mystery and unknowns all along the way. 


Usually, for the feminine person in your relationship, the emotions  fuel the sexual desires to give, yield and engage.  For the masculine person in your relationship, sexual activity creates the internal urge to emotionally connect.  Your romantic partner is likely different from you in whether sex leads to intimacy or intimacy leads to sex and this difference can be confusing. 


The  dance of sexual attraction and hesitation reflects the moments that are rich or weak between the two of you.  Remember however, husbands, wives, boyfriends and girlfriends  who are the source of sexual pleasures need to cultivate sexual pleasures in a manner that addresses the needs, styles and appetite of your sexual partner.  Pleasing your partner is 90% of the sexual component of this type of a relationship—so listen, study, empathize, notice and learn your partner’s sensual connections.  Share yours as well with the hope of sexual connection not sexual pressure which leads to sexual dysfunction for both of you.  



Co-Habitation Requires Efficient Chore Division and Reliability

Romance is delicious. So romance your partner with being great at the chores of life too.  Household chores and daily money management or time management  are best addressed pragmatically and mutually. 


If marriages are viewed as a business that requires good finance management, healthy distribution of money in savings and investments as well as the sound use of money for comfortable daily living, you will both experience that your marriage is truly a partnership.  Yes, money management is as much a part of a successful marriage or co-habitatingcouples as is sex. 


Chores for the family and the care of your house also need equal attention from husbands and wives.  


Completing chores together can be romantic too if you laugh, touch and respectfully communicate during that time.  When chores are done, you might be exhausted and foot and back massages are always good ends to a day of chores—another form of intimacy. 


Respect for your partner is built when you see your partner taking responsibility with ease and cheer too and that respect leads to intimacy, sexual expressions and feelings of closeness. 


These are key elements of successful relationships.  Surprise!!   So, be an efficient, organized, reliable partner who can rally around the daily responsibilities and financial demands without being a drain on your partner’s energies.  Yes, sharing this world of duties, is the best way to create a dance of intimacy for the two of you.  Besides, two doing the duties makes more time for both of you to relax and enjoy the fun of being in-love.